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A lot of parents asks us, Why ASSET Talent Search or What after ASSET Talent Search? Technically, its a key to the realm of opportunities that awaits for gifted students. So, we thought why not to ask those who have appeared for ATS and know where they are. We interviewed an ATS Alumni who appeared for ATS in 2012, and this is how she has carved her own career path.

Aarthi Suraj, GEMS Our Own English High School student, Dubai shares her career journey from school to being a Physics student at the University of California, Los Angeles.

This is what we asked her.

How important do you think it is to learn with understanding?

It’s vital to have conceptual understanding; learning without understanding isn’t learning at all.

How should parents handle a bad report card?

A methodical approach should be taken. The focus should be on how to improve, and how to provide resources to achieve that goal. Emotional outbursts only worsen the situation and can even lead to deep-seated problems that could hinder academic progress.

Have you encountered a particular academic challenge during your years in school? If so, what was it and how did you handle it?

My high school physics teacher was someone who believed that memorization was learning. This, combined with her inability to teach and clear doubts, led to my physics grade dropping drastically. My solution to this was to resort to self-learning. I used my textbooks, as well as online courses, that went far beyond my syllabus itself, and I feel like I’ve learned physics better that way.

Do you have a favourite teacher? If so, why is he/she your favourite? What makes the teacher good?

My favourite teacher is my piano teacher. While this might be an unconventional answer, I can think of no one else I would call my favourite. He is a person who values learning and understanding, not only in music but in any field in general. He observed the way I learn and adjust his teaching techniques to better suit me. He also made sure I understood my concepts, which is why music theory is quite easy for me. He also encouraged me to do interdisciplinary research in physics and music, because he believes that true learning comes from exploration and understanding.

If your teachers were to describe you, what words would they use?

Hardworking, passionate

What is your memory of taking ASSET or ASSET Talent Search test? 

I vividly remember not even knowing when the English ASSET test was, and I only found out 5 minutes beforehand. Ironically, it ended up being the test that qualified me for the ASSET Talent Search and for the ASSET Summer Program. I do remember prepping for the Talent Search exam, but in hindsight, I feel like I should have just read my books in a more relaxed manner instead of preparing for it like a formal test.

Do you think your experience of taking ASSET and ASSET Talent Search helped your career choice? If yes, how?

While taking the ASSET Talent Search test hasn’t impacted my career choice, the Summer Program has helped expand my breadth of knowledge, as well as letting me adjust to a college-like environment. I’m currently a freshman at UCLA, and I don’t feel like college life is a huge jump for me because I already have a similar experience through the ASSET Summer Program.

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