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Informative, inspiring, or just plain interesting education and digital technology content from across the web, posted on Twitter over the past week and collected here to share with our blog readers.

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This week in the wrap … a nice set of recorded “edtech” webinars from Willian and Mary college, reflections on 2018, advice for the coming year (“what not to lose sit of”), Connecticut requires edtech vendors to register their products and comply with privacy laws if they want schools to consider them, a call to action for the use of ePortofolios, considering fail-ing versus fail-ure and the growth mindset, and more to explore! 

Advice For Teachers? 10 Things To Not Lose Sight Of This Year

A rich set of free recorded webinars exploring the relationship between ‘digital’ and ‘learning’, from William and Mary (as part of their work re: Next Generation Design Learning Environment)

Commentary: Students aren’t learning enough – a brewing crisis in higher education

Student Affairs Goes Digital: Translating Student Support to the World of Online Learning

Education and #EdTech Leaders Reflect on 2018, and (Tentatively) Project the Future

A CIO’s Guide to the 10 Second Principle for Classroom Technology

Dear U.S. Government: Do Your Job to Stop Tech Monopolies

Connecticut’s self-service portal builds privacy into edtech

Using ePortfolio’s in the Middle School ELA Classroom: A Call-to-Action

MOOCs, flipped classrooms and virtual labs: 2 experts on how education is changing. Sitting in a classroom for hours on end or poring through textbooks aren’t the only ways to learn.

The Difference Between Fail-ure and Fail-ing

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