The Future of 5G in Education

What kind of impact will 5G have on education? Recently a film crew from CBS Interactive for T-Mobile came to my campus to film my predictions on just that topic. Take a look at the full video here or view a short 30-second clip below. #sponsored

5G in Education: 30 Second Overview

I think the thing I loved about the video the most is that I think they really captured what happens in my classroom. There were several times, for example, when I was showing the kids the 360 camera where they just left me alone to teach as the kids and I interacting. These precious moments are why I love to teach. We have lots of laughter in our classroom. But in addition, the thought of downloading hi-def videos in seconds instead of 10 minutes or so and fully untethered VR is very exciting.

As we wrote the script in this video, we worked hard to capture the many exciting things that 5G can give us when we have access. It may be some time, but the prospects are exciting. I hope the video sheds some light on what it means. All opinions are my own, however, there was a donation made to the film program I have at the school by the companies making this video.

5G in Education: Link to the Full Video

5 G and the future of education

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