How Turning on Location Services Could Save Your Life

Pam Shoemaker is getting ready to retire from teaching. As she and her husband were returning home from looking for places to retire, a storm arose. While location services can be used to perhaps compromise our privacy, in this case, it may have saved Pam’s life. Hear her story and learn how to examine your own location settings for safety.

542 location services save your life

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Your challenge today is a safety challenge for you – and one other person of your choosing. Pick a weather app. Go into settings and educate yourself on how to turn it on for “always allow” if that is your choice.

Understand that location-based services can be used to track where you are, so if you choose not to allow any location-based services, then, make sure you know how to turn it on while traveling or when weather is bad.

As always, consult with your wireless carrier about your data plan and educate yourself on the apps you use. Set your privacy settings with intentionality and be safe!

Pam Shoemaker – Bio As submitted

Pam Shoemaker

Twitter: @shoemap

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